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militaryPALFINGER CRAYLER MVP-Multi-functional Versatile Platform

  • The CRAYLER forklift form Palfinger was the first and leads the way in military equipment of this kind
  • The unique combination of air transportability ( fixed-and rotary-wing aircraft), high payload-to-weight ratio, and off-road capability enables efficient usage even in extreme situations.
  • The hydrostatic four wheel-drive system allows the CRAYLER MVP to load itself easily onto any kind of carrier by using two ramps.
  • Compact dimensions in transport position

The remote controlled and air transportable field loader

  • Air transportable trailer concept military2
  • Transport without preparation
  • Tie down lashing points for road/rail/sea and air transport
  • The CRAYLER MVP is easy to operate by remote control. Separation of man and machine enables operation in dangerous areas without putting the operator at risk
  • Safe and Flexible
  • mission approved
  • Free lift mast system
  • ADR certified
  • EMC/EMI approved


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