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Concrete dumper 4×4 with 4,500 litres level and 6,000 litres full, equipped with rock-type bin with 2 cylinder hydraulic dump box, operating speed from 0 to 12 km/h, road transfer speed from 0 to 25 km/h.

The Dumper mixer D6 gurantees maximum safety of the operator and is engineered for off road operations.

Carmix Dumper D6 Spec

  • LOADING CAPACITY: Struck: 4500 litters. Heaped SAE: 6000 litters.
  • PAYLOAD: Kg. 10.000
  • ENGINE: Perkins 1104 D-44 TA Turbo-Diesel, water-cooled, 4 cylinders. U.E. + U.S.A.: Perkins 854 E-34 TA Turbo-Diesel, water-cooled, 4 cylinders. Rated power KW 83 (111 HP) set at 2.300 rpm.
  • TRANSMISSION: fully hydrostatic Bosch Rexroth with electric inverter. Gear box with mechanic control, two speeds. 4 wheel drive and steering.
  • AXLES: Dana Spicer with oil bath disc brakes and planetary reducer
  • SPEED: Working speed from 0 to 9 km/h. Road transfer from 0 to 25 km/h.
  • DRIVING SEAT: Reversible seat with automatic inversion of hydraulic steering circuits. ROPS-FOPS (UNI 11023 – ISO 3471) cab closed on 3 sides.
  • SKIP: Heavy duty rock type. Hydraulic tilting with 2 cylinders.
  • HYDRAULIC SYSTEM: 2 independent circuits, variable outlet pump for hydrostatic transmission and hydraulic pump for services. Heat exchanger water-oil-air/air type.
  • BRAKES: Oil bath disc brakes on 4 wheels. Hydraulic parking brake negative on rear axle manually operated.
  • TYRES: Off road industrial type 16/70-20 14 PR.
  • STEERING: Hydrostatic, “load sensing“ type 3 way steering. Radius: internal 2000 mm. external 3700 mm.
  • ELECTRIC SYSTEM: 12 volt. 120 Ah battery for electric starter and road lighting. Safety battery cut-off.
  • GRADIENT: fully loaded 30%
  • TANKS: Diesel: 115 litters. Hydraulic oil: 80 litre.
  • CHASSIS: Steel profile specially engineered for off-road operations.
  • WEIGHT: Empty: 5.800 kg equally distributed on both axles.
  • SAFETY: Machine equipped with checking and block valves for maximum safety of the operator.
  • CATALOGUE: The machine is equipped with Use and Manteinance and Spare Parts Manuals according to CE regulations.



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